Spilling any things on a carpet can be very annoying, especially if spot or difficult to remove. When the wax drips or melted down on a carpet, quickly cover all fibers in the area, reaching the baseline. The wax cools quickly and can be difficult to remove. If you spill wax on the carpet, do not worry. There is a process that can make these spills the easiest to clean.


  1. If even still hot, allow the wax to cool and harden. If you try to clean hot wax, maybe all you get is spread it, so that you have to work harder.
  2. Use a fork for lifting pieces which are larger wax surface. Do not try to scratch the carpet with a fork, as you could damage the fibers.
  3. Place a paper bag over the wax stain. Make sure it covers the area thoroughly and remove all loose wax around.
  4. Place your iron on low heat. Gently pass it over the paper bag about four or five times. Do not push or pressure with the iron sconces. The synthetic fibers may melt or stick if you expose both heat and pressure.
  5. Lift the paper bag. It should look shiny and oily. This is because the paper is soaked with wax. Apply another paper bag and repeat the process as many times as necessary until there is wax on your carpet. If you keep using the same bag you’ll make the wax re-enter your carpet.

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