The wooden frames of the window usually rot due to the deterioration of the sealant that covers them. If properly waterproofed, putrefaction occurs rare. The rain, wind and other weather factors can gradually damage the impermeability of the timber to the water seeps through cracks in the surface protection and reaches the inside. If the putrefaction has been developed in the frame of a window, you must clean it and seal the wood rotted to effectively repair and prevent future re-break.


  1. Remove the rotten wooden window with a screwdriver or wood chisel; remove as much rotting wood as possible. If the rotted wood sticks around the edges, and the rotten section is mixed with healthy wood, use a hammer to tap the bottom of the tool to help take off the wood until you remove all the rotten.
  2. Mix the resin and hardener that brings in a disposable container. Allow the resin to settle for about 10 minutes, respecting the exact time that appears on the package directions, then, stirring constantly to prevent the resin become solid.
  3. Apply resin to the hole in the wooden window where rotting wood was extracted until the hole is completely filled and the resin is at the same level with window frame. Let dry in place for 24 hours.
  4. Spread the resin down until it is completely flush with the window frame. Smoothest resin paint primer and paint or dyed the same color as the rest of the window. Let the paint dry, pass the sandpaper gently and add another layer of paint. Continue adding layers until the painted section is mixed with the rest of the window.
  5. Extend the waterproofing sealer on the window frame, once the paint or stain on the window is dry, Allow the sealer to dry until it is not sticky and apply at least one more layer, but 3-4 layers will be more effective.

Tips & Warnings:

  • If the rotted area of wooden window extends from one side of the frame to the other, eliminate any cross section of the cutting with a circular saw. Cut a piece of wood to fill the space and stick it in place with waterproof adhesive. Once the adhesive cures, continue painting and sealing processes.

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