Proper installation of the window helps ensure optimal insulation and protection against moisture for your home. When it comes to sliding windows, there are different types of facilities, from the actual windows themselves to spare parts assembly, such as sliding mechanisms. However, the installation methods are limited because usually follow a rigid and proven to ensure best running windows and their component parts efficiency pattern.

Vertical sliders

Sliding windows consist of two segments, one or both sliding vertically or horizontally. A vertical sliding window is a window type “guillotine”; in a sash type, only part of the window moves up and down, while a double sash, the two sections move. The old windows of single and double guillotine type use a single rope and pulley system to slide on a track within the window frame. Sash windows type manufactured in the twenty-first century use metal springs balance and balance them to hold them while you slide the pieces of the window up and down inside the frame.

Window installation

The vertical sliding of the window as prefabricated units and comes with all the parts that are already in place. Because of this, rarely you have to install glides, only the window. The installation of a vertical sliding window, sometimes known simply as a vertical slider is a relatively simple process. Before installing a new window, you must make sure it matches the size of the existing window frame. If so, remove the old window and apply a coat of weatherproof or caulk around the new window sealant. Place the new window into the frame, then use a drill and screws or bolts to secure the window as directed by the manufacturer of the window. Each window should come with an installation manual with instructions on fasteners such as bolts and screws. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing a new window.

Sliding parts

Replacing an old or broken slider involves removing the old system and installing new balance springs. This process starts by removing the blade or the movable part of the window. Unhook the old system of the sash, which may involve cutting the strings attached to the sheet. Eliminate the sides of the window frame with the old slippers in place and remove the old sliding system with a drill or screwdriver. You can buy the metal springs balance at a hardware store and install in place of the old system, simply drilling one on each side of the window frame. This method may be difficult in prefabricated vinyl windows because everything inside the window unit is sealed together in the factory, which makes it difficult to disassemble.

Considerations slide

The installation of a metal slider requires some special considerations. For example, manufacturers rate the balancing spring’s weight basis. Before buying your new slippers, weighs the band so you know what type of slider need for the window. Furthermore, while the pulley systems are connected directly to the strips, balance springs require a hook. You can buy a basic hook in a hardware store, attach it to the side of the window with a screw and make a loop on the end of spring balance on the hook. Use a grease or lubricant paste, when reinstalling the blade, to ensure that it moves freely without friction.

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