It is never a bad thing to make a change to the decoration of the home, especially if the modifications we make will not incur any additional expense. Here are five brilliant ideas to improve the decoration of a room without investing a single penny.

If you thought it was impossible to decorate a room without spending money, then think twice. Today we will learn how to make the most of the articles we have at home and add the subtle touch to our decoration.

Do not think about it anymore and be encouraged to implement any of these recommendations for the different environments of the home:

How to improve home decor without spending money

  1. Trunks or bricks in the fireplace

An empty fireplace is a waste of space and style. Luckily, you do not have to invest a bundle to improve the look of your fireplace. Find some loose logs or get a few bricks to fill the hole.

You can also form a pile with stones or white birch trunks of different sizes. Of course, nothing better for a fireplace than a few pieces of wood that we can light in any season of the year.

  1. Vases with small branches

Do not have how to decorate the kitchen or the centerpiece? Do you spend a lot of money at the florist? Well, I invite you to try something different and decorate your vases with small branches that you can cut from the garden.

Place the branches in the vases, and if you do not have them, improvise some with vases or glass bottles. The result is wonderful!

  1. A blanket on the armchair

If you want your room to look more homely, all you need is a blanket on the couch. Turn a cold space into a cozy place with a simple fabric on your furniture.

Just be sure to combine colors harmoniously. Use blankets with soft shades and color textures to create a better impact. No one will resist taking a nap!

  1. Decorate your desktop

Do not waste a space as important as the desk with a number of items intermingled. If you do not want to make a bad impression with your mess, turn your coffee table into a custom corner.

Writers, journalists, lawyers and lovers of decoration know how important it is to have a special place for our privacy. Look for some art books or the most original covers to break the monotony. An ashtray, a porcelain fountain or a cup of coffee can make a difference.

  1. White towels in the bathroom

White towels in the bathroom? It’s not a very novel thing to say, is it? However, you’d be surprised to know what you can do with a stack of white towels. More than modifying the decoration of the bathroom, it is a fundamental rule to add a dash of elegance to a space so personal and private.

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