Television home improvement programs bring professional designers and decorators in your home to record the process of redecoration and air on television for all to see. The series pays for work and renovation materials, so getting your home redecorated by a professional team for free is something you want to study.


  1. Find the page with the list of applications. Download the version of the application most suitable for your computer needs. There is an application for Windows users and an application for Mac users. It can also be applied with the online application of the site. You will need to register for an account to access the online application.
  2. Tell the series producers why you think your house would be perfect for your show. Include details about the current condition of your home, and how you and your family would greatly benefit from a renovation.
  3. Add details about your personality, hobbies, skills and talents. Include your occupation and contact information, such as the best phone numbers and schedules to reach you.
  4. Make two pictures of your home that demonstrate the need for home improvement. You can also record up to ninety minutes of video footage. Upload photos and videos to the site, or include them with your email application.
  5. Include information about family members who are interested in participating in the program.
  6. Note any and all dates that would be available for the recording of the series, and according to the terms of service before submitting your request.
  7. Checks the entered data and then send. If you send your ticket, include a stamped envelope with your address so that it is easier for the company to communicate with you.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are numerous different TV series that may be applicable. Use the Internet to find out more about your favorite home improvement series and apply.
  • All photographs and video images submitted to the television network to be owned by the network.

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