Before you start any home improvement project, you need the right tools. While you do not need all the tools to find them in a hardware store, there are tools that you will often use for different projects around your home. Create the first box of home improvement tools with the basic tools, and then buy special accessories as you need them.


Each tool set has a hammer, which is a device with a handle and a metal head with a flat nose. The nose allows you to drive your nails. For general home improvement work, purchase a hammer with a curved claw at the back. This helps you to remove twisted or unwanted nails from its surface. If you plan on doing heavy duty masonry jobs, buy a hand hammer driller. This hammer has a solid head, thick and is larger than the common hammer. This gives you more power when hammering on a hard surface.

Punch out

Drills are multifunctional tools that allow you to create holes and drive with screws. Look for a drill that allows you to manipulate the pair, especially if you are going to use this tool to drill through concrete, metal or thick woods as railway sleepers. Decide if you prefer a cordless or cordless drill. A cordless drill uses a rechargeable battery and usually comes with battery and charger. While cordless drills are more portable, the battery runs out after continued use. Buy a drill with a good warranty. For this, not only for protection, but the best brand companies usually offer better guarantees.


Although you can use your drill for most of the work of a screwdriver, screwdrivers are necessary for the hard to reach areas. Also, use this tool for quick screw removal. Small screwdrivers work especially well on small screws found on computers, remote controls and electronics. The two main types of Phillips head screwdrivers are flat head. A flat head screwdriver is completely flat, while the Phillips has a thicker head, X-shaped grooves.

Measuring tape

Metric tapes help determine the length of a wall or object to determine whether or not it is something that will fit into your space. A standard metal tape measure is removed from a central housing and the metal tape has marked measurements on it, including inches and feet and sometimes centimeters. Laser measurements also allow you to measure a space, except that the laser bounces at the end of the object. Receive the final measurement on the laser measurement screen.

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