Not everyone has the opportunity to live in a home of their own, so more and more people choose to move to a rental home for all the benefits they have. But not all the landlords are benevolent and sometimes restrict the decorative options a lot, making you feel that you are tied hand and foot or that you have to put up with the decoration that already exists even if it does not fit with you or your personality.

But do not worry if your landlords are somewhat strict with the decoration because with imagination and creativity you can decorate it to your taste without having to break the rules. You will feel much better in your rental home if you can decorate it according to your tastes and also, each stay represents your personality or suits your needs and interests. Regardless of whether it is a small apartment or a large house, our home is an extension of who we are and although we cannot achieve the perfection we crave, we can transform them into warm, welcoming and comfortable shelters that reflect who we are.

Evaluate the possibilities

The first step to creating a paradise in your home is to evaluate the possibilities that each room has. Ask yourself what you will use each room for, how the atmosphere is, what you like about it and what you would change. Even if you have a tight budget, you can completely transform a room through color, changing accessories and finishes and adding other elements like plants.

But if you want to make bigger changes then you will have to consider changing bigger things even if you have to spend more money, especially if you have to change kitchens or entire bathrooms or at least buy all the furniture. Before you throw away all the old carpets, it is important to think if everything that is already in the home is disposable for you or if you can take advantage of some elements that landlords have left available to their tenants, so you can save time and money!

Consider the colors for your rental home

Color not only affects our moods and energy levels but can also change body temperature and appetite, so it is important to choose carefully so that the color you have in your home is the best for you and your family. Here are some tips:

  • Yellow is the most optimistic color and is associated with happiness, comfort and warmth. It is known for stimulating creativity. It is a particularly good color for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms for children.
  • Green is the color of renewal, fresh energy, and regeneration. It is a soothing color as it imitates nature and links the interior with the exterior. In its milder forms, green is a tone that helps concentration and relaxation, while the bolder greens can have an effect of energy.
  • Blue is a soothing, it is a serene color, serves to lower blood pressure and heart rate so it is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. If you are worried that the room will be too cold, you can combine it with other colors like lilac or lavender.
  • Pink in its lighter tones is soft and soothing and the darker pinks are more vibrant and inspiring. It is also the color of romance and sensuality. But keep in mind that darker roses are better for rooms with larger windows, as they can make a space look smaller.
  • Red is the color of passion, optimism, energy and courage that has been known to increase heart rate and to induce emotion. Used in living rooms, it will make a room feel more opulent and create a sense of warmth. If you think it is too heavy a color you can use it only as an accent tone.
  • Brown is the color of strength, earth and stability. However, instead of using it in paint it is better to introduce it naturally using wood.

Lighting and the stay

Lighting is important for the environment of a space. Do not rely solely on ceiling lights to illuminate a room. Depending on the size of the space, try adding a mix of table and floor lighting to add depth, warmth and atmosphere.

Fluorescent lighting should be avoided at all costs as it makes everything look colored and can lead to tired eyes and general tiredness. During the day, natural sunlight does wonders to lift your spirits, so make sure you keep the blinds up and the curtains open even on cloudy days.

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